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PILOT Battery Monitoring System

CBS are the sole agents and distributors for Ireland.

Introducing the Pilot battery monitoring and balancing system with visual indication on every battery.

Pilot Certificate awarded to Core Backup Systems

Certificate of Authorization from PILOT to Core Backup Systems- Aug 21 2019


Battery bloc and cell balancing

Voltage Balancing is one of the functions of the Battery monitoring System from PILOT.

During usage, difference on the battery temperature, ventilation condition, self-discharging degree and electrolyte density will increase the inconsistency in the capacity, voltage and internal resistance.

The inconsistency in the capacity, voltage and internal resistance of batteries will lead to voltage unbalance among batteries during floating charge.

Some of them might be over chargered while some of them might be undercharged, this difference will effect the battery life.

The PILOT battery management systems controls and balances the voltage across each bloc/cell, therefore ensuring a longer life battery.

Visual indication of each battery bloc/cell

CE Certs

CE-EMC Certificate- Smart Gateway PBAT-Gate

CE-LVD Certificate-Unit Cell stethoscope PBAT61-02

CE-LVD Certificate- Unit Cell stethoscope PBAT61-12

CE-LVD Certificate- Smart Gateway PBAT-Gate

CE-EMF Certificate-Unit Cell stethoscope PBAT61-02

CE-EMF Certificate-Smart Gateway PBAT-Gate

CE-EMC Certificate- Unit Cell stethoscope PBAT61-12

CE-EMC Certificate -Unit Cell stethoscope PBAT61-02

The biggest battery manufactures in the world use the Pilot system to measure control and alarm.